Çerez Örnek
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Volume 1

Chief Editors
Prof. Dr. Dilek Direnç, Ege University, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Nevin Yıldırım Koyuncu, Ege University, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Rezzan Kocaöner Silkü, Ege University, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Şebnem Toplu, Ege University, Turkey
Dr. Begüm Tuğlu Atamer, Ege University, Turkey
Full Issue
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Table of Contents
Nur Banu Karaman  "Subaltern Portraits in Waiting for the BarbariansSea of Poppies and The Afghan Girl


Pelin Önal   "A Contrastive Study on Motion Events: Encoding Manner and Path Information in English and Turkish"  9-22  PDF
Adamu Pangmeshi "Dystopian World: A Reading of Nadine Gordimer’s No Time Like the Present"  23-34       PDF
Shirin Akter Popy "From Difference to Differences: Reviewing Theories of Women’s Autobiography and Contextualizing the Concept of Métissage" 35-46 PDF
Najmul Huda Tareq "The Ineluctable Chords of Forty and Ella’s Journey from Nausea to Madhab-i-Ishq to Eudaimonia: Prismatic Effects of Elif Shafak’s The Forty Rules of Love" 47-54 PDF
Selin Yılmaz "Multiplicity of Self and Space in Semiautobiographical Speculative Fiction: Doris Lessing’s The Memoirs of a Survivor and Joanna Russ’s The Female Man" 55-64 PDF
Marietta Kosma  "Sarah Ahmed. Complaint!"   65-66 PDF
 Contributors    67 PDF



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