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Founded in 1979, the Department of English Language and Literature at Ege University is one of the top five institutions in Turkey that offers undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA, PhD) degrees in English. The department is home to approximately 350 undergraduate students in the first, second, third and fourth year of their study, and around 80 students graduate from the department at the end of each academic year.

To enrol for a BA at the department, candidates are required to take the five exams offered by ÖSYM, LYS 1 through 5. Once admitted, to meet the English language requirement of the department, students must take the English proficiency exam run by the School of Foreign Languages or submit a score obtained in an internationally recognised English language test. If students are unable to meet the language requirement, they must complete the English language preparatory programme offered by the School of Foreign Languages.

During their first year of study, students take introductory courses such as Literary Concepts, Survey of English Literature. These courses are designed to equip them with the necessary tools to begin to think, speak and write critically about literature. In the second year, students are introduced to literary genres and periods of English Literature in courses such as Introduction to Renaissance, Introduction to the Novel, Introduction to Poetry and Introduction to Drama. In the third and fourth years students are encouraged to think critically about literature and are left to tackle texts autonomously and share their opinions and comments during lectures. The department also offers a wide range of elective courses providing undergraduates the opportunity to focus on topics of their interest. At the end of their four years of study, through the interdisciplinary perspective literary studies provide, students will not only have a vision necessary to respond to texts critically, but also achieve skills for a wide range of careers. Possible job opportunities upon graduation include English teaching, translation, working in the sectors of tourism, foreign trade, banking, media and press, foreign embassies and consulates. Graduates may also pursue postgraduate education in English and American Studies, Comparative Literature, Translation and Interpreting, Film Studies besides other areas of humanities such as Women’s Studies. Additionally, BA and MA graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in various disciplines of the Social Sciences such as International Relations, Politics, Economy, Communication and Media Studies.

The medium of instruction is 100 % English. 

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