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It gives us great pleasure to announce the Call for Papers for the latest issue Overtones Ege Journal of English Studies (E-ISSN 2822-3020) . Click here for the Call For Papers, Procedure and Stylesheet . Please feel free to circulate.

Click here for the Copyright Transfer Form.

Journal Statistics
Overtones Ege Journal of English Studies publishes annual statistics on submissions and the review process. The journal statistics for 2023 are as follows:
1. Submissions 20
2. Submissions Sent for Evaluation 16
3. Rejections 9
4. Acceptances 11
5. Acceptance Rate %55
6. Time From Submission to Publication 6 months
1. Number of new articles received by the journal
2. Number of peer review invitation emails that were sent out
3. Total number of articles rejected (including desk rejects)
4. Number of articles that received an 'Accept for publication' decision
5. Number of acceptances, as a percentage, against the total number of final decisions
6. Average time from submission to publication for all publications in the volume.

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