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Volume 2

Volume 2

Chief Editors

Prof. Dr. Dilek Direnç, Ege University, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Nevin Yıldırım Koyuncu, Ege University, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Rezzan Kocaöner Silkü, Ege University, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Şebnem Toplu, Ege University, Turkey


Dr. Begüm Tuğlu Atamer, Ege University, Turkey

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Table of Contents


Çağan Fırtına

“'The Lady of Shalott' as a Metaphor for Class Relations under Capitalism"



Khandakar Ashraful Islam   "Elusive Idea of Nationhood and Bifurcated Identity in Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace" 15-24 PDF
Yağmur Su Kolsal "The Instrumental Presence of Women in Le Morte D'arthur as the Motifs of the Damsel in Distress, the Enchantress and the Seductress" 25-35 PDF
David Livingstone "Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Albert: Bill Cosby’s Junk-yard Paradise" 37-43 PDF
Can Özgü "Colonial Remnants and the Commoditization of Desire in Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy and Bapsi Sidhwa’s Cracking India" 45-52 PDF
Shirin Akter Popy "Recuperating Father(s) and Retracing “I” in Maxine Hong Kingston’s China Men" 53-61 PDF
Şebnem Toplu "Intercultural Marriage: Contemporary Expressions of Displacement/Emplacement in British Fiction" 63-69 PDF
İpek Kotan Yiğit "Affective Boundaries and Replication in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights" 71-81 PDF
Maha Zaouil "Love and Longing for the Reed-bed: A Comparative Study of Sufi Themes in The Forty Rules of Love and the Mathnawi" 83-96 PDF
Antonio Sanna Scott, Ridley. Prometheus. 20th Century Fox, 2012. 97-100 PDF
Selin Turan James R. Wilson and S. Roy Wilson. Mass Media/Mass Culture: An Introduction 5th Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2001. ISBN: 0072314621. 101-102 PDF
Contributors 103-104 PDF


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